A WordPress Formatting Trick

If you are new to WordPress like I am, you may not be aware of this formatting trick that can give your paragraphs the spacing you desire.

In your editing page, where you write your blog posts, you will probably use the default visual tab and not the HTML tab. If so, simply hitting the enter key after a paragraph will only appear to give you a space between your paragraphs. Once you leave the edit page and view your site you will see your paragraphs jammed together without spacing. Not what most of us want.

So the solution, which I found by going to the WordPress help forums, is you have to hit the Shift key and the Enter key together in order to get that desired paragraph spacing.

But wait! There’s more!

I just discovered that you have to use the Shift-Enter combination twice in order to get that paragraph spacing. And this process needs to be adjusted further if you cut and paste your posts from outside WordPress.

So, to save yourself some frustration, always-always-always double-check your posts using the view site feature and use the Shift-Enter combination as needed.


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