The Good Habit – Bad Habit Paradox

The beginning of a good habit

As suggested in one of my books on humor writing, I will try to write for thirty minutes each and every day. For someone almost allergic to self-discipline, this will be a challenge.

Strange how universally true it is that establishing bad habits with the permanency of writing in stone seems to happen effortlessly, but getting a good habit to take hold is like giving a cat a bath in ice water.

What’s up with that shit? Why is it that anything negative or unhealthy in life rolls our direction like an avalanche and sticks to us like stink on a skunk?

Although I am mostly talking about this writing habit, I could be discussing dieting, exercising, or any one of a score of beneficial habits. You can jog, fast, exercise, and deny yourself for days just to drop an ounce of fat, but just read the label on that box of brownie mix and you will pack three pounds onto your lard-ass.

Hell, it’s no wonder that most of us are so discouraged about lifestyle changes. The universe may be in constant motion, but it sure seems to want us to stay glued in place when we attempt a positive change. But indulge in a negative behavior and see how fast the backward momentum kicks in.

The law of inertia states that a body at rest tends to stay at rest, whereas a body in motion tends to stay in motion. Whoever wrote that pile of insanity never tried to diet, exercise or learn something new. When a body is at rest it will fight you like a scalded dog to stay resting, and if it happens to be in motion it will morph into a couch-potato faster than a late charge on a credit card. The resting state, like any bad habit, will counteract that good habit every time.

So, this is my first day of creating a new habit of writing for thirty minutes each day. Since my writing seems to naturally be a sort of humorous bitching, and material for bitching comes almost naturally in my mind, this habit may be a relatively easy one to stick to.

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