Praise for

Today I discovered just what a great organization is. When I first started this blog through it was on their free plan and I had a site address of Not long afterward, I reacted to one of their email ads suggesting I change to the paid plan so that I could have … Continue reading Praise for


Fireside Reflections

Morning Musings 11/17/17 It’s between 4 and 5 am when I get out of bed to start my day. With the pellet stove turned up and the coffee brewing I spend a few minutes checking email accounts. Then it is time for my favorite time of the day. I sit down in front of the … Continue reading Fireside Reflections

Discouragement Visits Again

Last night I questioned the effort I am putting into my writing. It wasn't the first time, and certainly won't be the last. But, let's call it what it is, discouragement. We all feel that way. Some more than others. Some more often than others. Maybe last night's visit from old discouragement was because I … Continue reading Discouragement Visits Again

Mark Twain’s Use Of The Twist

Mark Twain used several methods to make his readers smile. One was the "twist or zinger." Lead your audience in one direction and then pull the rug out from under them with a surprise at the end. Here  are a few of Twain's classics: "Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the … Continue reading Mark Twain’s Use Of The Twist

Patrick McManus – The Outdoors Enthusiast’s Humorist

I can think of no better example of an Outdoorsman's Humorist than Patrick McManus. His many books and articles about camping, hunting, and fishing mishaps have entertained generations of outdoors enthusiasts. Over the years, McManus has brought to life fictional characters in his stories that bring his humor to life. Characters with names like; Retch … Continue reading Patrick McManus – The Outdoors Enthusiast’s Humorist