Blogging Blows

I have come to the conclusion that blogging is not communication. Blogging is a distraction that prevents people from actually communicating.

On a list of effective forms of communication, blogging ranks twelve points lower than yodeling under water.

To be fair to the yodeling fans, I will cite a recent poll of the five people in the world who love yodeling. Four of the five people poled emphatically stated that bloggers should get out of their pool. The fifth yodeling fan was snowed in and could not be reached.

Not one to be swayed by facts or public opinion I decided to become a blogger. Like many bloggers before me, I sought out the wisdom of successful bloggers who just happened to be selling tons of books about the effectiveness of blogging.

I devoured every blogging book I could get my hands on, certain that I would become one of the “successful few”. What I failed to notice was that bloggers were selling books about blogging to make money.

That realization was a real Viagra moment for me. I took matters into my own hands, took a firm grip on my future, and set out to learn all I could about blogging.

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