Fireside Reflections

Morning Musings 11/17/17

It’s between 4 and 5 am when I get out of bed to start my day. With the pellet stove turned up and the coffee brewing I spend a few minutes checking email accounts. Then it is time for my favorite time of the day.

I sit down in front of the stove with that first cup of coffee to bask in the warmth of the fire and the hot, heavenly liquid. A long life of country living brings forth random memories activated by the fire and the quiet early morning atmosphere.

Moments like this one compelled me to make solo trips to the Sierra Nevada high country along California’s highway 108. Near the summit of Sonora Pass I would find a secluded campsite off of the road, nestled amongst the bristle-cone pines.

My dear old Dad called this area, “God’s Country,” and with good reason. In all of my travels around this world I have found no other place that touches my soul like this place. To be here, for me, is more spiritual than the cathedrals and temples of the distant lands I visited while in the Navy.

After coffee by the campfire I would hike to the top of a nearby peak in the early morning twilight while the sun is still below the horizon. Then, standing there on the summit looking out at a magnificent vista, I would wait for the sun.

When the first speck of the sun peaked over the distant horizon and the first weak rays of the sun’s warmth reached my thoughts would turn to a favorite Moody Blues song called, OM. And in that moment I am at one with the universe and in the presence of God.

Is it any wonder why early mornings are my favorite time of the day?



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