Have a Cool Yule

Well, here we are again. Christmas.

I stand on my front porch after dinner and admire the decorations that my neighbor across the street has worked so diligently on. I can see them clearly since my yard and porch have the festive atmosphere of an IRS audit.

Returning to the semi-warmth of the house I am reminded that even if there was a Santa Claus his pudgy butt couldn’t fit down the five-inch flue pipe of our pellet stove. And, should he be so pliable to fit he would get his pellets chewed up by the stove’s feed auger. Should he dodge the auger he would get toasted by a fire that never stops. It never stops because it struggles to keep the frost off my pumpkins most of the time.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t dislike this season. It’s just that for many of us it is a reminder of the life-circumstances that can make this season a lonely one. I wish that was not the case, but it is. Besides, this is a time of years for the little ones. God knows I miss my grandchildren now more than ever but doing what we can to make their Christmas a happy one, has to be enough.

So, if you can be with your loved ones this Christmas, please make the most of every minute. If you cannot, help them understand why and that you are still there in love.

Enjoy good food, make great memories, and don’t forget to laugh together. Laughter is the music of the soul, and it waters the tree of love we all hope to cultivate.


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