Thoughtfulness, the Best New Year’s Resolution

Amazing, isn’t it? A one word New Year’s Resolution that everyone should make, and one that, few people do.

Thoughtfulness can be applied daily, in a limitless number of ways. Let’s consider just one.

Thoughtfulness towards Seniors.

Do you have someone in your family or maybe in your circle of friends that is getting on in years? Most of us do, yet we all take them for granted. Almost as if we think they will live forever, or they will understand and get over our slights, so there isn’t any need to worry.

News Flash! That loved one will leave this life far sooner than you may think. They get hurt when you forget them even though they will suffer in silence most of the time. Seniors grew up in a different time with different values, so don’t expect them to learn your ways and values. Take the time to understand theirs.

One value that most Seniors don’t share with younger people is this trend to consider “Facebook Likes” and “Twitter Tweets” substitutes for a meaningful conversation. They grew up during a time when writing a letter was a valuable use of time and a way to express your love for someone. You took the time to write because they were important enough to you. Same goes for phone calls. Put the world on hold for a few minutes and share time with that person. And, don’t forget that Seniors love it when you listen to them. So don’t interrupt while they are talking. It’s just good manners and who knows, you might learn something.

Gift giving is another area where people misjudge what is thoughtful for Seniors. Don’t give them “Knick-knacks” or some trinket you stumbled over at The Dollar Store. Make it meaningful. Make it thoughtful. A personal coffee mug, a coloring made by a grandchild, one of those talking photo frames.

These are just a few ways to brighten a Senior’s year and keep that important New Year’s Resolution of… Thoughtfulness.

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