How to Increase My Blog Traffic

Maybe it’s time for a new perspective on blogging. I mean, why not? The one I’m using now isn’t working for shit.

Staring at the dancing flames in the pellet stove while sipping my morning coffee I had a “brain-fart.” Nothing new. Afterall, this is a morning activity that ranks right up there with that other morning activity for birthing brain-farts.

As is often the case, I was pondering the problem of poor blog performance. Perhaps because I am pissed off about the few people visiting my blog while other blogs produce platoons of visitors.

Notice my excessive use of words with the p-sound in that paragraph? No, it’s not that I’m losing it… well, maybe a little. It’s because a repetitive sound is just what you get before having a blowout on the freeway. And a blowout is the explanation I was seeking for the one blog visitor I get.

I believe my one visitor is just an innocent traveler on the information superhighway who had a blowout. Their computer jerked, forcing them to the side of the highway, coming to a stop at my blog site. Giving silent thanks for a safe stop they summoned help and were on their way.

Now I know what I need to do to increase visitors to my blog. I need to scatter a handful of virtual nails across the information superhighway, in front of my blog, and enjoy the results.

Then, once they stop at my site, I offer them something to read while waiting for roadside service to arrive.

OK. The plan has a few glitches. So what? It might work.

Now, where do I find some virtual nails?



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