Self Discovery – #MyWriteDNA – Lesson 1

I just started a new course of self-discovery #MyWriteDNA, hosted by @RachelGiesel. It is called the Writer’s DNA course, and its focus is helping writers dig way down into themselves to better understand who they are. Actually, the more I think about it, this course would benefit non-writers as well.

Even though I am only on lesson/assignment #1, the reading material has opened up new insights for me. I look forward to this new journey of discovery.

The first assignment is to write a dictionary definition of yourself. After working through the thought-provoking questions, I came up with this;

“I am a miner of mirth and a satire sleuth. I extract the hidden humor in people and circumstances and deposit those treasures on the page in order to brighten the world, one laugh at a time.”

I will be posting my discoveries as I complete them, unless they are too personal.


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