Writer’s Drought

Writer’s Drought. The term came to me this morning as I thought about my recent lack of blog posts. Maybe the well-known phrase, writer’s block is what I meant to say. But, for some reason, that term just didn’t express what I’ve been dealing with lately. Then again, maybe it is just my way of looking for a new, creative way to explain an old problem.

Writing, like many other activities, should be practiced regularly. Not doing so makes it all the more difficult to get going again after stopping. The days pass. I tell myself that I will push through the block, or in this case, water the thirsty word garden. The next day, I am telling myself the same thing while the words wither without watering. Soon, I find myself questioning my reasons for writing in the first place.

As I ponder this problem, the words of my dear old Dad come to me from the distant past. “Sometimes, you just have to pull yourself up by your boot-straps and get moving again.”

How true. And, how I wish I could return home to Mom and Dad’s house for some strength and love. They have been gone a long time, and I miss them every day. Yet, I know that I must honor them by using the values they raised me with. I need to put action behind the desire, and fuel that action with honorable intentions.

I need to get back in front of the keyboard and write.

Here in the West, the winter has been long and cold. I say that every year as I grow into being a full-fledged geezer. I am anxious to see spring arrive. Problem is, I know we need a lot more winter moisture. A replay of the recent drought is not a pleasant thought.

So, you see, whether it’s a drought of words or a drought of winter moisture, a change of perspective makes all the difference. Instead of seeing these droughts as a huge block preventing forward progress, I will see them as a temporary challenge needing some extra effort.

I will uncoil the garden hose and open the faucet. In no time I will see a much-needed improvement. The garden will grow again, and the words will flow again.

Keep on, keeping on!

Photo by freestockpro.com from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/arid-daylight-desert-drought-362957/


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