Gardening Time Once Again

Whatever smart-ass came up with the twisted idea to lump all edible crops together under the name "produce," deserves a good mulching. Why do I say that? Because anyone who has ever tried to grow any kind of food plant or tree knows one certain truth; produce is just about the last thing any food … Continue reading Gardening Time Once Again


F-Bombs? WTF?

OK, it's time to stop dancing around the issue of whether to use The F-Word in writing or talking. I find the word an accurate expression of the intensity of feeling. With four years in the Navy and almost twenty years in construction, I am no stranger to adding spicy words to my communication. Still, … Continue reading F-Bombs? WTF?

Smartphone Users, Please Help

If you are viewing my site with a smartphone, I need your help. I'll explain. A few minutes ago I decided to see what my site looked like on my smartphone. "Holy Rat Crap!" Instead of seeing my posts in an easy to read format, I get "in your face" ads covering most of the … Continue reading Smartphone Users, Please Help

Spring Cleaning Time

The Spring Cleaning bug has bitten me once again, so over the next week or so I will be making some changes to this site. I hope you like them. If you have any suggestions or wish to share something that has worked for you, please comment. I do read them and will try to … Continue reading Spring Cleaning Time

Goodbye Stephen Hawking

When I opened my Bing search page the headlines said that Stephen Hawking died. How very sad. The world is less brilliant and courageous without him. He lived a life of physical adversity but never let it define him. His mind, one of the most amazing minds in human history, went places where few other … Continue reading Goodbye Stephen Hawking

I Write Like Patrick McManus? YES!

The first part of the good news came in my email box this morning. It was from my editor/beta-reader Dan'l. Here is what he said about my book, Meadow Muffins. "But seriously folks, I laughed my ass off several times during the reading of your book.  I love your sarcasm, your ability to create a … Continue reading I Write Like Patrick McManus? YES!

Be Present in the Moment, Be Engaged

For me, being present at the moment and engaged in living means the difference between observing and taking part. To be imbalanced either way is to miss out on something. If you are only observing, you are trying to enjoy life in a second-hand way. You are not part of what is going on. And … Continue reading Be Present in the Moment, Be Engaged