I Write Like Patrick McManus? YES!

The first part of the good news came in my email box this morning. It was from my editor/beta-reader Dan’l. Here is what he said about my book, Meadow Muffins.

“But seriously folks, I laughed my ass off several times during the reading of your book.  I love your sarcasm, your ability to create a joke where there previously wasn’t one and your self-effacing quotes.  One of my favorite stories was the one about the mule deer hunt.

 Your work reminds me of the writings of Patrick F. McManus which, if you haven’t read, should be put on your ‘bucket list’.  He has written a number of outdoorsy hunting and fishing related stories that are so funny they’ve often made my side hurt from laughing.”

I’m telling you, friends, praise doesn’t get any better than this. It gave this old country boy a shot of motivation.

To have my writing compared to the writing of my mentor, Patrick F. McManus is the highest praise I could ever hope for. If you haven’t already, check out my page about this great humorist. And my post about McManus Rules for Humor Writing.

And, that second good news? Well, to say thank you to my blog followers I have dropped the price of my eBook, Meadow Muffins. This is a limited time offer, so don’t miss out. Your smile muscles will thank you. And, if you help me with a review, I will be your friend forever.



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