Goodbye Stephen Hawking

When I opened my Bing search page the headlines said that Stephen Hawking died. How very sad. The world is less brilliant and courageous without him.

He lived a life of physical adversity but never let it define him. His mind, one of the most amazing minds in human history, went places where few other minds have gone. Then, he would share his brilliance with the world in a way that us “lesser minds” could understand.

Whenever my aches and frustrations of growing older get the best of me, I will try to remember how fortunate I am. And, I will remember this amazing man who endured so many physical challenges yet refused to let those challenges hold back his soaring mind.

I hope you are on a ship, out there in the cosmos, enjoying this universe you loved so much.

You were the brilliant star guiding us to a better place.

Warp speed old friend.




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