Recreating My Writing

My apologies for the dwindling posts lately. It seems that I have reached a fork in my writing journey requiring me to step back and reevaluate things. I’ll try to explain.

It has been almost two years since I uploaded my first humorous eBook to Amazon. It was a book about the crazy world of the construction worker inspired by my own experiences as a construction electrician. I started working on the book back in the nineteen-eighties, but like many things in life, it went to the back burner for years. When the advent of eBook publishing arrived on the scene the book was revived and rewritten for eBook formatting.

It took me almost two months to upload the book and click the publish button. I worried about rejection, and I worried about the demands of success when the book was discovered.

What I got was something far worse…crickets.

Something was wrong, but I didn’t know what. I redesigned the cover three times. I lowered the price. Hell, I even tried a promotional giveaway for a week like all of the book marketing gurus suggest. Out of the sixty people on my email list, only twelve people downloaded the book. Out of those only two took the time to post a review on my Amazon book page.

The reviews were encouraging so I pressed on with another humorous book. For someone prone to self-doubt it wasn’t easy to push forward with my writing, but push forward I did.

The months passed and the sales stats of my book remained flat-lined. I tried to make a joke of it by saying it was like an EKG machine hooked to a cadaver. The humor didn’t help, neither did the frequent visits to the sales page.

About a year later I published another humorous eBook. Those same marketing gurus said that having multiple books is the key to success. Well, for me it would be more accurate to use the old saying, “misery loves company”. Like the first book, the second went to the bottom of the Amazon rankings and stayed there.

Those gurus said that it was important to have an author’s platform, so I started a FaceBook author page and a blog. All the while those crickets kept chirping their sad song.

The crazy thing in all of this is that even though the discouragement has been brutal at times, I still can’t bring myself to throw in the towel and admit defeat. And, that brings me to the reason for my dwindling post here on my blog.

Last month I removed both books from Amazon. That voice from my past, the electrician’s voice, said; “If it’s not working, shut it down. It’s time for an overhaul.” So, shut it down I did, and now it’s time to go into troubleshooting mode in hopes of correcting the problem. Sometimes that troubleshooting mode overflows into other writing efforts, as I pull back to analyze the problem with my writing.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing this writing course change in my blog posts. As I try to figure out what needs to change in order to improve my books, I will ask my followers to share their opinions and suggestion. Your help will make a big difference.

If you have self-published a book, or are thinking about it, I hope my story will give you some insights into the realities of self-publishing.


2 thoughts on “Recreating My Writing

  1. Oh, dear, I share your pain. I have written a book but been hesitate to use Amazon. My thought was to get excerpts of my memoir published in lit magazines, etc., before I approached a book publisher. I have had moderate success. I have received a whopping $170.00 for writing for several years and about 8 stories published. It is brutal out there, for sure. I commend you for having the courage and discipline and determination to keep going. I think writing is like a lot of creative endeavors — if you don’t HAVE to do it, don’t. I, too, will write to someone has to wiggle the mouse or a pen out of my cold, dead hand! ha ha. I would encourage you to keep going. If you feel like me, you have a message you must deliver. Deliver your message to the world and the ones that are meant to hear, (or read) will do so. God/dess bless!

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    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. It is a hard and lonely road for sure. Right now I am struggling to come up with blog posts while trying to figure out how to rewrite my books. None of my other creative endeavors, (painting, wood carving) were this difficult. Still, like you say, I must keep going. Congrats on your successes. You inspire me more than you know.

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