Advice for Struggling Bloggers/Authors

Sometimes, when the results of one activity become a road-block, it is time for a change of direction.

With the great weather drawing me outside and a long list of projects to work on, I am reducing my blogging activity for the summer months.

Honestly, it is nice to put effort into activities that give me some sense of accomplishment. Even though my D.I.Y. projects often leave this old body with aches and pains, when I am finished I can stand back and feel good about my efforts, unlike blogging and self-publishing where the hoped-for rewards are replaced with frustrations.

If you are a struggling blogger or self-published author you know what I am talking about. You try everything you can think of and lots of things that other “experts” tell you about, but nothing changes.

So, here are a few observations from my struggles.

  • Resist the temptation to throw money at a problem. Usually, the only sure outcome from this is less money in your wallet and more money in another wallet. If someone is making grand claims of success without solid assurances of success, beware. Remember the old truth; “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”
  • Get clear about your goals, your message, and your intended audience. Uncertainty about any of these is nothing short of traveling without a destination or map.
  • Understand the challenges ahead and be comfortable with them. There are few worthwhile shortcuts. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and go to work for the duration. Try to focus on the process and not the final outcome.
  • Don’t try to go it alone. Believe me, I have tried and it is brutal. As you are writing that first blog post or chapter start cultivating a network of fellow travelers who can advise, encourage, and support. Create relationships that divide the struggles and multiply the successes.

I will check in now and then to update everyone on my progress.

Keep moving forward.


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