The Long Road Back

The end of another year. Time to look back and the last twelve months. Time to count blessings, review lessons learned, and design the new year.

It has been six months since my last post. In all honesty, my absence was much more than being busy with outdoor projects. Those projects were a story I told myself. A story to lessen the guilt I felt about having a full-blown case of writer’s block. Well, the story didn’t help.

Lessons learned #1: writer’s block doesn’t go away when you try to ignore it. It will whisper in your head that you are hiding your gift because you are weak.

Every day those whispers came to visit. They would join me for morning coffee and tuck me into bed at night. No amount of busy could silence them. No other creative project would be enough to fill the void of words unwritten. 

As months passed I discovered that I could pacify those whispers by reading books, and boy did I read. I read books about writing. I joined Facebook groups for writers and read posts by fellow writers who shared my challenge. Most importantly, I read posts about the successes of writers who pushed through the challenges and triumphed. I wanted that.

So, join me now as I unfurl the sails of this author’s ship one more time. There’s work to be done before the vessel is sea-worthy again. I will be asking for advice and suggestions as I work through the process of confronting my writer’s block and republishing my books. I hope you will share your thoughts.

So, to use a phrase from my Navy days, it’s time to; “Turn to, and commence ship’s work.”

Thanks for stopping by.  


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