Are we alone in the universe?

Every morning when I wake up my computer I am greeted to the most amazing slides called NASA Spacescapes. My favorite of these are ones showing galaxies, especially the one known as Deep Field Image showing thousands of galaxies in one image taken by Hubble. The deepest visible/ultraviolet light image of the universe ever taken, … Continue reading Are we alone in the universe?

Surviving Another Computer Crash

Well, it happened again. I've known it was coming for a few years actually when my older PC started making god-awful noises. So, I did what lots of folks do, I bought a new PC. Then, the day before it arrived I was bitten by a rare flash of insight... maybe the old machine needed … Continue reading Surviving Another Computer Crash

What Could Go Wrong?

When you take one grill by the pool, then add alcohol. A funny post by a blogger friend of mine over at I Didn't Have My Glasses On got me to thinking about one of those near-universal truths; "Take one grill, add copious amounts of alcohol, what could go wrong?" In her post, ksbeth describes a funny … Continue reading What Could Go Wrong?