Wood Pellet Shortage Explained

"Trump inspired army of forest raking fanatics clashes with overworked pellet pluckers, crippling the wood pellet industry." With winter weather showing signs of staying with us well into April I called around to local wood pellet suppliers for a dozen or so bags of pellet fuel for my stove. You can imagine my shock to … Continue reading Wood Pellet Shortage Explained

Thank You Readers and Followers

This is just a short post to say Thank You to my special readers and followers. Some of you from far off lands, others from places not so far off. I do appreciate each one of you who stop by. It is a wonderful thing that we can be friends yet know that we may … Continue reading Thank You Readers and Followers

Question Your Grammar Checker

It's been over a month since my last post. My bad. In my defense, I've been kind of busy revamping three books for re-release all while resisting the voice of my inner critic telling me to keep changing things. Do you feel my pain? Anyway, today's post is about those wonderful and sometimes tyrants we … Continue reading Question Your Grammar Checker