Why I Write Humor

When I write about funny things happening it helps me deal with the frustrations of life. It seems that the older I get the less I understand about this world. Oh sure, I could jump on the old geezer bus and be stubborn about my beliefs. Thing is, I honestly don't know what I believe … Continue reading Why I Write Humor

Cosmic Questions To Ponder

Now that my mind is liberated from four months of book editing I find myself enjoying life a little more. With this freedom to thought-wander my curious cranial kitten returns to unresolved questions. Why can't they package hot dogs and hot dog buns in the same quantity?Why can't bread slices be made to fit in … Continue reading Cosmic Questions To Ponder

Humorous Book #3 Published Today

My third book published this year is a humorous look at the construction trades, called Hard Hats Mandatory, Sanity Optional. If you or someone you know works in construction, you will not want to miss this gem. With decades of experience in the construction industry as an electrician and almost ten years of electrical maintenance … Continue reading Humorous Book #3 Published Today