In My Day

As I get older, with fewer days ahead than behind, I find myself shaking my head more. Not long ago I wondered why old folks did that. Was it some nervous condition? Maybe. And it made me feel sorry for them. Little did I realize that they were feeling sorry for me. Now I look … Continue reading In My Day


Memory Lane – High School Dances

Did your generation have memorable dances? Mine sure did. I think we overflowed the cart with crazy dances during my high school years. Some, if not all, even had their own song to go along with the dance. Here are the ones I can remember; The TwistThe Peppermint TwistThe Monster Mash (this song/dance jumped into … Continue reading Memory Lane – High School Dances

Three Quick Tips for Composing a Humorous Essay

1. You need a story, not just jokes. If your goal is to write compelling nonfiction, the story must always come first—what is it you are meaning to show us, and why should the reader care? It is when the humor takes a backseat to the story being told that the humorous essay is most … Continue reading Three Quick Tips for Composing a Humorous Essay

Cosmic Questions To Ponder

Now that my mind is liberated from four months of book editing I find myself enjoying life a little more. With this freedom to thought-wander my curious cranial kitten returns to unresolved questions. Why can't they package hot dogs and hot dog buns in the same quantity?Why can't bread slices be made to fit in … Continue reading Cosmic Questions To Ponder

Humorous Book #3 Published Today

My third book published this year is a humorous look at the construction trades, called Hard Hats Mandatory, Sanity Optional. If you or someone you know works in construction, you will not want to miss this gem. With decades of experience in the construction industry as an electrician and almost ten years of electrical maintenance … Continue reading Humorous Book #3 Published Today

To those who comment, Thank You

A big oops on me. I just clicked on the comments display in my dashboard to see how many of you have left comments to my posts without acknowledgement from me. I apologise for the oversight. Another senior moment here. I appreciate every like and comment you leave. I will do better at responding to … Continue reading To those who comment, Thank You

Are power shut offs the new normal?

A few days ago PG&E shut off the power as part of the new fire safety program. The high winds in Northern California was the reason. Power went down around 8:30 pm and didn't come back on until 11:30 am the next day, or fifteen hours. When that happens we lose all of those wonderful … Continue reading Are power shut offs the new normal?

3 Hacks to Combat Writer’s Block

First, let me be clear. Writer's Block is a part of writing and being human. Don't expect to conquer it. The harder you try the stronger you make it. Instead, learn how to deal with it. Find a few tactics used by other writers, then adjust them to fit your way of writing. As I … Continue reading 3 Hacks to Combat Writer’s Block