I Write Like Patrick McManus? YES!

The first part of the good news came in my email box this morning. It was from my editor/beta-reader Dan'l. Here is what he said about my book, Meadow Muffins. "But seriously folks, I laughed my ass off several times during the reading of your book.  I love your sarcasm, your ability to create a … Continue reading I Write Like Patrick McManus? YES!


Smart Phone, Stupid Me

Being the high-tech trendsetter I am, I joined the rest of the world and bought my first smart-phone last week. I know, I know, impressive, huh? I’m not sure why I bought it, considering I spend almost all my time at home and hardly ever answer our home phone when it rings on those rare … Continue reading Smart Phone, Stupid Me

How to Increase My Blog Traffic

Maybe it’s time for a new perspective on blogging. I mean, why not? The one I’m using now isn’t working for shit. Staring at the dancing flames in the pellet stove while sipping my morning coffee I had a “brain-fart.” Nothing new. Afterall, this is a morning activity that ranks right up there with that other … Continue reading How to Increase My Blog Traffic

Blogging Blows

I have come to the conclusion that blogging is not communication. Blogging is a distraction that prevents people from actually communicating. On a list of effective forms of communication, blogging ranks twelve points lower than yodeling under water. To be fair to the yodeling fans, I will cite a recent poll of the five people … Continue reading Blogging Blows

How I almost became a Rhodes Scholar

The closest I ever came to earning the title, Rhodes Scholar was when my Dad witnessed my very impressive demonstration of practical physics in our driveway one afternoon. In one of my less than intellectual moments, I attempted to hop over the tailgate of my Dad's truck from a flat-footed position in the bed of the truck. … Continue reading How I almost became a Rhodes Scholar

The Good Habit – Bad Habit Paradox

The beginning of a good habit As suggested in one of my books on humor writing, I will try to write for thirty minutes each and every day. For someone almost allergic to self-discipline, this will be a challenge. Strange how universally true it is that establishing bad habits with the permanency of writing in stone … Continue reading The Good Habit – Bad Habit Paradox

A Hard Night’s Night

Why is it that so many people love to travel? They talk about "getting away from it all," as though their everyday life is something to escape from. For me, that "getting away from it all" means getting away from a comfortable home, quiet surroundings, and a decent night's sleep. Why in hell would I … Continue reading A Hard Night’s Night