Birthdays Can Be Hazardous

How I long for the days when there were only a few candles on my birthday cake. Blowing them out was easy and confidence building. Now that I've turned 71 it's a different matter entirely. Candles on my birthday cake are downright hazardous. Instead of symbols of joy and promise those nasty candles are now … Continue reading Birthdays Can Be Hazardous

I Can’t Make This S**t Up

After updating my humorous book with a new cover and expanded material I ordered 4 author copies. Sounds straight forward, right? Wrong! Some days later Alexa tells me that my package has arrived. Whoop! Whoop! I go out to the mail box and sure enough, the package is in there but its folded up in … Continue reading I Can’t Make This S**t Up

In My Day

As I get older, with fewer days ahead than behind, I find myself shaking my head more. Not long ago I wondered why old folks did that. Was it some nervous condition? Maybe. And it made me feel sorry for them. Little did I realize that they were feeling sorry for me. Now I look … Continue reading In My Day

Driver’s License Test? At 70? WTF?

  What kind of bullshit is this? After fifty plus years of driving here in California, no accidents and no tickets, I have to take a written test to get my license renewed. Shit-the-bed, I should get the damned thing for free and a gift card for long-term participation.  Here’s a sobering thought. I have … Continue reading Driver’s License Test? At 70? WTF?

Wood Pellet Shortage Explained

"Trump inspired army of forest raking fanatics clashes with overworked pellet pluckers, crippling the wood pellet industry." With winter weather showing signs of staying with us well into April I called around to local wood pellet suppliers for a dozen or so bags of pellet fuel for my stove. You can imagine my shock to … Continue reading Wood Pellet Shortage Explained

What Could Go Wrong?

When you take one grill by the pool, then add alcohol. A funny post by a blogger friend of mine over at I Didn't Have My Glasses On got me to thinking about one of those near-universal truths; "Take one grill, add copious amounts of alcohol, what could go wrong?" In her post, ksbeth describes a funny … Continue reading What Could Go Wrong?

Cold Country Mornings – Humorous Reflections

Since I am plagued with being a very early riser, (hmm, early riser, maybe the title of a future humorous story. like Easy Rider in Geezer Land) the tasks of warming up the house and making the coffee fall to me. Not complaining, mind you. I wouldn't have it any other way. Besides, I can … Continue reading Cold Country Mornings – Humorous Reflections