F-Bombs? WTF?

OK, it's time to stop dancing around the issue of whether to use The F-Word in writing or talking. I find the word an accurate expression of the intensity of feeling. With four years in the Navy and almost twenty years in construction, I am no stranger to adding spicy words to my communication. Still, … Continue reading F-Bombs? WTF?


Cold Country Mornings – Humorous Reflections

Since I am plagued with being a very early riser, (hmm, early riser, maybe the title of a future humorous story. like Easy Rider in Geezer Land) the tasks of warming up the house and making the coffee fall to me. Not complaining, mind you. I wouldn't have it any other way. Besides, I can … Continue reading Cold Country Mornings – Humorous Reflections

How I almost became a Rhodes Scholar

The closest I ever came to earning the title, Rhodes Scholar was when my Dad witnessed my very impressive demonstration of practical physics in our driveway one afternoon. In one of my less than intellectual moments, I attempted to hop over the tailgate of my Dad's truck from a flat-footed position in the bed of the truck. … Continue reading How I almost became a Rhodes Scholar

The Good Habit – Bad Habit Paradox

The beginning of a good habit As suggested in one of my books on humor writing, I will try to write for thirty minutes each and every day. For someone almost allergic to self-discipline, this will be a challenge. Strange how universally true it is that establishing bad habits with the permanency of writing in stone … Continue reading The Good Habit – Bad Habit Paradox