Be Present in the Moment, Be Engaged

For me, being present at the moment and engaged in living means the difference between observing and taking part. To be imbalanced either way is to miss out on something. If you are only observing, you are trying to enjoy life in a second-hand way. You are not part of what is going on. And … Continue reading Be Present in the Moment, Be Engaged

My Stock Market Adventure – Chapter 2

My stock market adventure - Chapter Two Whew! It's been a while since my last stock market post. Where has the time gone? I'll tell you where... spent trying to cram tons of concepts and techniques into long-dormant brain cells, that's where. And, not just any easy learning, but learning how to read stock charts … Continue reading My Stock Market Adventure – Chapter 2

Always Learning – #LearnAbout

It has been over a week since my last post. My Bad! But, let me explain why. Now and then I get to feeling like my life has grown stagnant. For me that feeling is like being covered in a damp, heavy blanket. My creativity drops to near zero, my mood follows close behind, and … Continue reading Always Learning – #LearnAbout