Google Docs to the rescue!

So with arthritis in my wrist giving me hell again, I decided to return to the struggle of using speech to text apps. I have owned Dragon Naturally Speaking software for years, my version is 12, and I have yet to figure out the secret to using it and still maintain a decent writing speed...let alone … Continue reading Google Docs to the rescue!


Golden Years? Yea, Right.

The only things golden about this time of my life are the perceived value of just about every damned thing I need. Every time I take a nervous stroll down the meat aisle at the supermarket I'm reminded why there are so many reverse mortgage advertisements on the boob-tube these days. "Shit-ola," it takes a … Continue reading Golden Years? Yea, Right.

Thoughtfulness, the Best New Year’s Resolution

Amazing, isn't it? A one word New Year’s Resolution that everyone should make, and one that, few people do. Thoughtfulness can be applied daily, in a limitless number of ways. Let’s consider just one. Thoughtfulness towards Seniors. Do you have someone in your family or maybe in your circle of friends that is getting on … Continue reading Thoughtfulness, the Best New Year’s Resolution

A Salute to Veterans

A trembling hand salutes the flag In the Veteran's Day parade Quivering lips whisper silent thanks For the sacrifices made Sometimes the pride of serving well... Gives way to guilt of coming home Sometimes its hard to figure out Where life felt most alone It's OK the uniform no longer fits It was always about … Continue reading A Salute to Veterans

Fleeting Fitness in Retirement

Hey, I used to be physically active. Now I know better. One of the "older-and-wiser" benefits of geezerhood is the knowledge that twelve hours of moderate physical activity will not protect your waistline from one evil brownie. Thing is, I don't know why all of that youthful burning of calories couldn't be banked, then used … Continue reading Fleeting Fitness in Retirement