Buyer’s Remorse

I was in the throes of a particularly brutal arthritis flare up, so when my order for a new, extra effective joint pain relief supplement arrived I anxiously opened the envelope and removed a pill from the bottle. I knew it would make little difference to my pain level for a week or so, but … Continue reading Buyer’s Remorse


Smartphone Users, Please Help

If you are viewing my site with a smartphone, I need your help. I'll explain. A few minutes ago I decided to see what my site looked like on my smartphone. "Holy Rat Crap!" Instead of seeing my posts in an easy to read format, I get "in your face" ads covering most of the … Continue reading Smartphone Users, Please Help

Golden Years? Yea, Right.

The only things golden about this time of my life are the perceived value of just about every damned thing I need. Every time I take a nervous stroll down the meat aisle at the supermarket I'm reminded why there are so many reverse mortgage advertisements on the boob-tube these days. "Shit-ola," it takes a … Continue reading Golden Years? Yea, Right.

Has Social Media Killed Being Social?

Am I the only one developing a dislike for social media? Every damn time I stumble onto FaceBook I get so pissed off that I want to slap baby chicks. I swear to God, I feel like a junky returning to a sadistic pusher who changes the product every minute. "Like what you saw yesterday? … Continue reading Has Social Media Killed Being Social?