Writer’s Block aka Creative Constipation

Ah, the first day of a new year. Lousy sleep last night with all the gunnery practice echoing through the hills and valleys of my quiet mountains. I find a certain comfort in knowing those midnight maniacs will be feeling like hammered snot today and I feel “bright eyed and bushy tailed,” as Dad used … Continue reading Writer’s Block aka Creative Constipation


The Long Road Back

The end of another year. Time to look back and the last twelve months. Time to count blessings, review lessons learned, and design the new year.It has been six months since my last post. In all honesty, my absence was much more than being busy with outdoor projects. Those projects were a story I told … Continue reading The Long Road Back

Recreating My Writing

My apologies for the dwindling posts lately. It seems that I have reached a fork in my writing journey requiring me to step back and reevaluate things. I’ll try to explain. It has been almost two years since I uploaded my first humorous eBook to Amazon. It was a book about the crazy world of … Continue reading Recreating My Writing

Writer’s Drought

Writer's Drought. The term came to me this morning as I thought about my recent lack of blog posts. Maybe the well-known phrase, writer's block is what I meant to say. But, for some reason, that term just didn't express what I've been dealing with lately. Then again, maybe it is just my way of … Continue reading Writer’s Drought

Self Discovery – #MyWriteDNA – Lesson 1

I just started a new course of self-discovery #MyWriteDNA, hosted by @RachelGiesel. It is called the Writer's DNA course, and its focus is helping writers dig way down into themselves to better understand who they are. Actually, the more I think about it, this course would benefit non-writers as well. Even though I am only … Continue reading Self Discovery – #MyWriteDNA – Lesson 1

John Steinbeck and Self-Doubt

When we are "really under it" with self-doubt, it is easy to think that we are alone with this curse. So, when we somehow keep pressing forward, refusing to give up or give in a warm ray of sunshine finds us. In our darkest hour we come upon a quote by another writer, but not … Continue reading John Steinbeck and Self-Doubt

Humor Writing Education

There are countless ways for a writer to educate themselves about their craft. Books, seminars, online classes, college classes, adult-education classes, are only a few of the ways a writer can fine-tune their skills. But, not so for humor writers, or humorist as I call them. Yes, there are scores of books on Amazon that … Continue reading Humor Writing Education