Writer’s Block aka Creative Constipation

Ah, the first day of a new year. Lousy sleep last night with all the gunnery practice echoing through the hills and valleys of my quiet mountains. I find a certain comfort in knowing those midnight maniacs will be feeling like hammered snot today and I feel “bright eyed and bushy tailed,” as Dad used … Continue reading Writer’s Block aka Creative Constipation


Spring Cleaning Time

The Spring Cleaning bug has bitten me once again, so over the next week or so I will be making some changes to this site. I hope you like them. If you have any suggestions or wish to share something that has worked for you, please comment. I do read them and will try to … Continue reading Spring Cleaning Time

Golden Years? Yea, Right.

The only things golden about this time of my life are the perceived value of just about every damned thing I need. Every time I take a nervous stroll down the meat aisle at the supermarket I'm reminded why there are so many reverse mortgage advertisements on the boob-tube these days. "Shit-ola," it takes a … Continue reading Golden Years? Yea, Right.

A Salute to Veterans

A trembling hand salutes the flag In the Veteran's Day parade Quivering lips whisper silent thanks For the sacrifices made Sometimes the pride of serving well... Gives way to guilt of coming home Sometimes its hard to figure out Where life felt most alone It's OK the uniform no longer fits It was always about … Continue reading A Salute to Veterans