Cosmic Questions To Ponder

Now that my mind is liberated from four months of book editing I find myself enjoying life a little more. With this freedom to thought-wander my curious cranial kitten returns to unresolved questions. Why can't they package hot dogs and hot dog buns in the same quantity?Why can't bread slices be made to fit in … Continue reading Cosmic Questions To Ponder

Humorous Book #3 Published Today

My third book published this year is a humorous look at the construction trades, called Hard Hats Mandatory, Sanity Optional. If you or someone you know works in construction, you will not want to miss this gem. With decades of experience in the construction industry as an electrician and almost ten years of electrical maintenance … Continue reading Humorous Book #3 Published Today

Stop participating in vicious politics!

Remember this, there are dangerous powers around the world who take delight in the way our political debate has morphed into destructive attacks on one another. If you don't like the position of someone, come up with a better idea and propose it. Stop turning your position into a weapon of mass destruction by using … Continue reading Stop participating in vicious politics!

How to Be a Boss at Blogging When You Have 0 Followers

Some great thoughts about a healthy blogging mindset. This post is a reblog of a post from The Art of Blogging by Christian Mihia. Check out his blog for other great content here, .  RTF

The Art of Blogging

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a photographer. Mostly with other people’s cameras. And the results are oftentimes… not bad.

I do not research the subject, I do not take classes, I do not read about photography, I do not actively aim to become better.

Yet, somehow, I am becoming better with each photograph I take.

And I wondered why.

Wouldn’t you?

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Driver’s License Test? At 70? WTF?

  What kind of bullshit is this? After fifty plus years of driving here in California, no accidents and no tickets, I have to take a written test to get my license renewed. Shit-the-bed, I should get the damned thing for free and a gift card for long-term participation.  Here’s a sobering thought. I have … Continue reading Driver’s License Test? At 70? WTF?

Life in a Two Story Outhouse now in paperback

Finally! After more adjusting and tweaking than I thought I could even tolerate, Amazon has approved my cover and contents for publishing in paperback. I had no idea how much more work is involved in the paperback process. I lost track of how many times I had to adjust something, re-compile, check then repeat the … Continue reading Life in a Two Story Outhouse now in paperback

My Humorous eBook Life in a Two Story Outhouse is Live

What happens when a bumbling dog breeder takes matters into his own hands? What would speed dating for dogs look like? Do you own your home, or does it own you? These questions, and many more will be answered in this hilarious collection of near-life-mishaps. As a doctor of disaster Richard Farley shares his personal … Continue reading My Humorous eBook Life in a Two Story Outhouse is Live