Grin and Bare It (Humor)

Grin and Bare It

After countless edits and cover design tweaks I took a deep breath and published this yesterday. Like my other humorous book Life in a Two Story Outhouse it is a collection of essays inspired by real life.

Those who know me know that I love adding humor to conversations with friends. I hope to do that same thing to the lives of friends I may never meet.

Live is often stressful and we see negative news every day. For me, humor is the antidote to those heavy burdens. I have to find a little humor every day to keep me sane. Humor is the secret ingredient to a wonderful marriage with my best friend of thirty-plus years.

I hope I can add a little humor to your life too. Keep a grin on your face, but try to keep your pants up around your waist as much as possible.