The Humorist Calling

If laughter is your currency-in-trade, as it is for me, then you have no doubt known many of the same tags that I have. I have been called; “Class Clown,” “Wise-Ass,” “Joker,” “Smart-Ass,” and much more. Some tags were meant to insult, like that high-school teacher who put you down so that he could look big. Other tags were painful and used by people so anal-retentive-serious that a smile would crack their face. You know the ones, their only source of validation is through criticizing others. But mostly there were the tags that were meant to encourage and show appreciation for the gift of humor that I freely shared.

These days, I refer to myself as a  humorist. The Merriam-Webster site defines a humorist as; a person specializing in or noted for humor. There is also an archaic definition; a person subject to whims. So, there it is. In 13 words you have I comprehensive definition of who I am and what I am about.

When I share my sense of humor, I like to believe that for a brief moment I am helping someone forget the stresses of life, and replace those stresses with a light moment of laughter.

If you doubt the healing power of humor, you only need to look at the way vaudeville helped so many forget the worries of war and national financial collapse during the early decades of the twentieth century. Or look at any high-stress occupation, including the military where you will see humorous coping mechanisms like friendly banter being used to “lighten the load.”

Many of my fondest memories are of sharing a few laughs and “a cold one or two” with friends after a hard day at work. Well, those friends have moved on now so I share humor with friends I may never meet in person. It is a little lonely now, but I have to have faith that out there somewhere is that sweet sound of laughter.

So, make yourself comfortable and enjoy a moment or two of mirth…it’s good for the soul.

Humor is a tonic for life’s trials. Laughter is the music of the soul. May your day have plenty of each. ~ RTF ~