Google Docs to the rescue!

So with arthritis in my wrist giving me hell again, I decided to return to the struggle of using speech to text apps. I have owned Dragon Naturally Speaking software for years, my version is 12, and I have yet to figure out the secret to using it and still maintain a decent writing speed...let alone … Continue reading Google Docs to the rescue!


Buyer’s Remorse

I was in the throes of a particularly brutal arthritis flare up, so when my order for a new, extra effective joint pain relief supplement arrived I anxiously opened the envelope and removed a pill from the bottle. I knew it would make little difference to my pain level for a week or so, but … Continue reading Buyer’s Remorse

Gardening Time Once Again

Whatever smart-ass came up with the twisted idea to lump all edible crops together under the name "produce," deserves a good mulching. Why do I say that? Because anyone who has ever tried to grow any kind of food plant or tree knows one certain truth; produce is just about the last thing any food … Continue reading Gardening Time Once Again

F-Bombs? WTF?

OK, it's time to stop dancing around the issue of whether to use The F-Word in writing or talking. I find the word an accurate expression of the intensity of feeling. With four years in the Navy and almost twenty years in construction, I am no stranger to adding spicy words to my communication. Still, … Continue reading F-Bombs? WTF?

Smartphone Users, Please Help

If you are viewing my site with a smartphone, I need your help. I'll explain. A few minutes ago I decided to see what my site looked like on my smartphone. "Holy Rat Crap!" Instead of seeing my posts in an easy to read format, I get "in your face" ads covering most of the … Continue reading Smartphone Users, Please Help

Spring Cleaning Time

The Spring Cleaning bug has bitten me once again, so over the next week or so I will be making some changes to this site. I hope you like them. If you have any suggestions or wish to share something that has worked for you, please comment. I do read them and will try to … Continue reading Spring Cleaning Time

Goodbye Stephen Hawking

When I opened my Bing search page the headlines said that Stephen Hawking died. How very sad. The world is less brilliant and courageous without him. He lived a life of physical adversity but never let it define him. His mind, one of the most amazing minds in human history, went places where few other … Continue reading Goodbye Stephen Hawking