Birthdays Can Be Hazardous

How I long for the days when there were only a few candles on my birthday cake. Blowing them out was easy and confidence building. Now that I've turned 71 it's a different matter entirely. Candles on my birthday cake are downright hazardous. Instead of symbols of joy and promise those nasty candles are now … Continue reading Birthdays Can Be Hazardous

Driver’s License Test? At 70? WTF?

  What kind of bullshit is this? After fifty plus years of driving here in California, no accidents and no tickets, I have to take a written test to get my license renewed. Shit-the-bed, I should get the damned thing for free and a gift card for long-term participation.  Here’s a sobering thought. I have … Continue reading Driver’s License Test? At 70? WTF?

What Could Go Wrong?

When you take one grill by the pool, then add alcohol. A funny post by a blogger friend of mine over at I Didn't Have My Glasses On got me to thinking about one of those near-universal truths; "Take one grill, add copious amounts of alcohol, what could go wrong?" In her post, ksbeth describes a funny … Continue reading What Could Go Wrong?

Gardening Time Once Again

Whatever smart-ass came up with the twisted idea to lump all edible crops together under the name "produce," deserves a good mulching. Why do I say that? Because anyone who has ever tried to grow any kind of food plant or tree knows one certain truth; produce is just about the last thing any food … Continue reading Gardening Time Once Again

Smart Phone, Stupid Me

Being the high-tech trendsetter I am, I joined the rest of the world and bought my first smart-phone last week. I know, I know, impressive, huh? I’m not sure why I bought it, considering I spend almost all my time at home and hardly ever answer our home phone when it rings on those rare … Continue reading Smart Phone, Stupid Me

My Stock Market Adventure – Chapter 2

My stock market adventure - Chapter Two Whew! It's been a while since my last stock market post. Where has the time gone? I'll tell you where... spent trying to cram tons of concepts and techniques into long-dormant brain cells, that's where. And, not just any easy learning, but learning how to read stock charts … Continue reading My Stock Market Adventure – Chapter 2

Mark Twain’s Use Of The Twist

Mark Twain used several methods to make his readers smile. One was the "twist or zinger." Lead your audience in one direction and then pull the rug out from under them with a surprise at the end. Here  are a few of Twain's classics: "Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the … Continue reading Mark Twain’s Use Of The Twist

Patrick McManus – The Outdoors Enthusiast’s Humorist

I can think of no better example of an Outdoorsman's Humorist than Patrick McManus. His many books and articles about camping, hunting, and fishing mishaps have entertained generations of outdoors enthusiasts. Over the years, McManus has brought to life fictional characters in his stories that bring his humor to life. Characters with names like; Retch … Continue reading Patrick McManus – The Outdoors Enthusiast’s Humorist

A Hard Night’s Night

Why is it that so many people love to travel? They talk about "getting away from it all," as though their everyday life is something to escape from. For me, that "getting away from it all" means getting away from a comfortable home, quiet surroundings, and a decent night's sleep. Why in hell would I … Continue reading A Hard Night’s Night