Smart Phone, Stupid Me

Being the high-tech trendsetter I am, I joined the rest of the world and bought my first smart-phone last week. I know, I know, impressive, huh? I’m not sure why I bought it, considering I spend almost all my time at home and hardly ever answer our home phone when it rings on those rare … Continue reading Smart Phone, Stupid Me

Technology Runs Amok

When Technology Runs Amok A few days ago I watched a program about a female looking robot being granted citizenship in some middle east country. I can't tell you how many levels of weird that was. OK, maybe I'm being a little hypocritical here, given the fact that one of my favorite movies is Robin … Continue reading Technology Runs Amok

How to Increase My Blog Traffic

Maybe it’s time for a new perspective on blogging. I mean, why not? The one I’m using now isn’t working for shit. Staring at the dancing flames in the pellet stove while sipping my morning coffee I had a “brain-fart.” Nothing new. Afterall, this is a morning activity that ranks right up there with that other … Continue reading How to Increase My Blog Traffic